2018 CLAUSING SUP8BVSCNC40 BED MILL 16.75” x 62”

Machine Specifications

Table Size-16.75” x 62” (425mm x 1575mm)

Table Load Capacity- 2,000lbs (907kg)

Number of T-Slots- 4

T-Slot Width- .709” (18mm)

T-Slot Distance- 3.15” (80mm)

Table Ways (X Axis)- Dovetail

Bed Ways/ Column Ways ( Y/Z Axis)- Square


X Axis- 47.24” (1200mm)

Y Axis- 22.83” (580mm)

Z Axis- 23.62” (600mm)

Quill Diameter- 4.33” (110mm)

Quill Travel- 6” (152mm)

Head Tilt- 90 degrees

Rapid Traverse Rate X & Y- 100” min (2540mm/min)

Rapid Traverse Rate Z- 75” min (1905mm/min)


Motor- 7.5hp

Spindle Speeds (infinitely variable)- 70-4300 rpm

No. of Speed Ranges- 2 man + 2 inverter

Low Gear Range- 70-500 rpm

High Gear Range- 570-4300 rpm

Spindle Taper- NT 40

Machine Dimensions

Height- 84.65” (2150mm)

Width- 98.03” (2490mm)

Depth- 80.71” (2050mm)

Gross Weight- 7,260lbs (3300kg)