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5-Axis or More CNC Lathes
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This Multus was purchased in 2015 and installed in 2017. Formerly owned by a Fortune 500 company, this machine has been very well maintained and lightly used. Video available.

# Axis9
Machining Length118.11"
Chuck Size24"
Bar Capacity8.66"
Power50 hp
Max RPM2,000 RPM
Turning Dia41.34"
ControlCNC (OSP-P300S)
Dimensions393" x 157" x 131"

OSP-P300S-H CNC Control, 41" Max Swing, 131" Between Centers, 24" 2-Jaw Chuck Main Spindle, 20" 3-Jaw Chuck Sub Spindle, 2000 Max RPM Main & Sub-Spindle, 10,000 RPM Milling Spindle, Universal Head (B-Axis), C-Axis Both Spindles, Y-Axis, 160 Automatic Tool Changer, (2) Prog Steady Rest, Coolant System, Spindle Chillers, Chip Conveyor. All Options Listed: ATC 160 CAPTO-C8 AUTO DOOR BOTH W/ DUAL CYCLE AUTO GAUGING REN RMP60 CAPTOC8 C-AXIS AUTO ZERO OFFSET FUNCT C-AXIS SYNCHRONIZE FUNCTION CHUCK AIR BLOW CHUCK, 18” B18 KITAGAWA CHUCK & CYLINDER PACKAGE – RIGHT CHUCK, MAXI-GRIP COMPENSATING CHUCK & CYLINDER PACKAGE – LEFT CONVEYOR, SIDE BCD3000 DNC T3 FEED HOLD DURING THREADING HYDRAULIC OIL TEMP.REG AKZ148 LATHE TOOL INDEX FUNCTION LONG BORING BAR (BAR ONLY) LONG BORING BAR SPEC (NO BAR) MP SYSTEMS RA11, 1000 PSI HIGH PRESSURE COOLANT NEGATIVE TOOL RADIUS COMP OFF-CENTER TURNING FUNCTION PREP FOR MIST COLLECTOR PREP FOR STEADYREST SMW SLU-Z 5.1 PREP FOR 2nd STEADY REST BRACKET RAPID TRAVERSE OVERRIDE SWITCH ROBOT/LOADER I/F TYPE D SMW-AUTOBLOK STEADY REST SLU-Z 5.1 – FIRST SMW-AUTOBLOK STEADY REST SLU-Z 5.1 – SECOND SPARE M-CODES, 8 SETS SPINDLE ORIENT, ELECTRIC TYPE THREAD START POINT OFFSET TMAC8 ADAPTIVE CONT/MON 3SP TOOL OFFSET 200 SETS TOUCHSETTER A VAR SPIN SPD THREAD-MAIN OR2ND Z-AXIS AUTO ZERO OFFSET FUNCTION Specifications CNC Control yes Type of CNC Control Okuma OSP-P300S-H CNC Controls Max Swing Over Bed 41.34" Main Spindle Chuck Size 24" Max Turning Diameter 41.34" Max Distance Between Centers 131.81" Max Part Weight 6,600 LBS X-Axis (Cross Travel of Universal Head) 42.52" Z-Axis (Longitudinal Travel of Universal Head) 126.57" Y-Axis (Travel of Universal Head) (Y1-Axis) 25.98" B-Axis Angle Degree (Rotation of Universal Head) .001° B-Axis Index Range -30° to 210° Universal Head Rotary Tool Taper Capto-C8 Universal Head Rotary Tool Spindle Speeds 40 - 10,000 RPM C2-Axis (Indexing Positions of Sub Spindle) .001° Main Spindle Thru Hole 8.66" Main Spindle Nose JIS A2-11 Main Spindle Horsepower 50 HP Main Spindle Speed Range 11 - 2,000 RPM Sub-Spindle Chuck Size 20" Sub-Spindle Speed Range 11- 2,000 RPM X-Axis Universal Head Cross Travel Rapid Traverse Rate 1574 IPM Z-Axis Universal Head Longitudinal Rapid Traverse Rate 1574 IPM Automatic Tool Changer Capacity 160 Machine Cutting Hours Very Low Electrics 480/3/60

2015 Okuma Multus B750 3 Meter Mill Turn, Excellent Condition

2015 Okuma Multus B750 3 Meter Mill Turn, Excellent Condition
5-Axis or More CNC Lathes