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PEM Machine The PEM Machine is a portal configuration constructed of natural granite for thermal stability, dimensional rigidity, and fully corrosion resistant. The structure is mounted on vibration isolators to insure machining accuracy. The Z Axis body is constructed of fine grain black natural granite, equipped with two pre-loaded linear roller bearings. Z axis feed is via digital controlled motor with pre-loaded ball screw that is lubricated for life, (no maintenance required). The Z’ oscillating axis drive is via frequency controlled servo motor and precision spindle bearings that are lubricated for life. The PemTec patented oscillating axis guidance system provides for high accuracy side gap control during the machining process. Two linear scales integrated into the Z feed axis and the Z’ oscillation axis compensate for elastic deformation and thermal expansion of z axis and the oscillation drive. Exact positioning of the profile machining depth is by synchronization of feed and oscillation The granite work table size is (800 mm x 640 mm) with five stainless steel integrated Tslots for up to 20 square inch of machining area (depending on the work piece material and geometry, roughness and installed power supply capacity). Machine Spcifications Dimensions: W x H x D (1400 x 2870 x 1250 mm) Table size (800 mm x 640 mm) Worktable height (960 mm) Table to tool adaptor: (313- 483 mm) Weight 4,629 Lbs (1979 kilograms) Z Feed axis: Stroke in z direction; 6.7 in (170 mm) Feed rate 0- 78 inch/min. (0-2,0 m/min) Incremental feed (each step) 0.019 micro inch (0.5 um) Z’ Oscillating axis: Oscillation stroke: z=± 0.015 in (0.4 mm) Oscillation frequency: f= 10... 60 Hertz Maximum Load Z axis: 1573 Lbf (7000 N) Work area: Feed head covered by stainless steel. See-through automatic door, ergonomically designed for operators and maintenance personnel. Two lights located within the work enclosure, each 24V, 18 W; Bellow shielded Z-axis; exhaust drainage pipe and exhaust fan. Vibration isolation: Four shock absorbing air filled dampers are provided on the PEM Machine to eliminate transient loadings. The power supply in this proposal is 9600 Amp (8 modules). Electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding is provided in the power supply enclosure. Dimensions: Cabinet: L x W x H 31.5 in x 31.5 in x 78.4 in (800 x 800 x 2000 mm Weight (each cabinet): 690 Lbs Process current per module: Pulse current I = 1,200A max. Max Volts: 20 V DC. Short circuit Detection with fast shut down. Process power shielding: EMI (electromagnetic interference) screened. Cooling: Water cooled Current conductors: Solid copper bars within cabinet. Copper cables in guide rail to the junction with the PEM Machine. Electrical enclosure rating: IP 55 PEM Control The PEM Control is PC/Windows based computer with PemTec-developed process controller in a separate housing (for ease of servicing); decentralized computer architecture; and bus communication through TCP/IP. Operator interface is a 17 inch touch screen HMI with integrated application software; standard PC keyboard; 80 GByte Hard Disk; and USB port. Process control via graphics based operator interface using programmable process parameters, optimized for roughing, finishing, or polishing mode. Adaptable for different materials. Storage and recapture of existing programs (recipes) and/or oscilloscope data from previous runs. Dimensions: Cabinet: L x W x H 31.5 in x 31.5 in x 78.4 in (800 x 800 x 2000 mm) Weight: 462 lbs (210kg) Internet connection: TCP/IP connection, Ethernet interface, external data transfer Cooling: Air ventilator on top of cabinet PEM Aqua The PEM Aqua electrolyte supply is a self-contain system with automatic regulation of electrolyte parameters. The PEM Aqua unit is a skid mounted, welded, reinforced Polyethylene multiple chamber tank with 160 gallon double containment protection. Each process chamber has 160 gallon (600 liter) capacity with level sensors for safety control. The multiple chamber tanks consist of: Tank 1 – Clean electrolyte Tank 2 – Buffer Tank 3 – Chrome reduction Tank 4 – Hydroxide sludge settling Double Containment: The four tanks listed above are set in a containment tank that would hold the contents of a tank if it would happen to leak. The complete PEM Aqua system is enclosed by steel panels with hinged wide access doors and consists of the following components: Process circulation pump: Multi stage variable pressure centrifugal pump to supply pulsation-free electrolyte to the PEM-Process. Maximum pressure P = 145 psi (p = 10 bar). Nominal volume 9.3 gallon/min. (35 I/min) Return pump: Centrifugal pump returns the used electrolytes to the main tank from a return tank located at the rear of the machine, controlled by level switch. Filtration: Continuous filtering of electrolyte via micro filtration unit. Length 78 in (2m). Filter size 8 micro inch (0,2 um) Energy efficient through reuse of outlet pressure from the filter element. Nominal volume 10.5 gallon/min. ( 40 I/min). Automatic cleaning of filter through back flush. Further condensing of the sludge in the settling tank by plate separator. Cooling system: Temperature controlled water – water heat exchanger to the process required temperature of T =65 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit (18 degrees to 22 degrees C). Nominal flow 4.2 gallon/min. (16 I/min) Maximum cool water inlet temperature 60 Fahrenheit (16 C). (10 to 15 degree delta T is preferred.) Heating: Electric heating coil in tank, heating capacity P = 1,4 kW. Electrolyte conductivity control: Continuous control of the electrical conductivity of the electrolyte via sensor and automatic dosing of water or concentrated electrolyte solution from inbuilt control tank with volume of 26 gallon (100 Liter) PH control: Continuous measuring and automatic control of the pH-value via two dosing pumps and two tanks each 5.2 gallon (20 liter) to add nitric acid HNO3 or sodium hydroxide NaOH. Nominal pH value is 7 to 8. Chromium 6 reduction: Most steel alloys contain some amount of Chromium, which dissolves during the PEM process and forms toxic Cr6+. By dosing a buffer solution Cr6+ can be chemically reduced down to trivalent Cr3+. This trivalent Chromium is separated by filtering via the micro filter and removed in the sludge. Dimensions: Width x Height x Depth 98.5 in x 104.9 in x 85 in (2500 x 2665 x 2160 mm) Weight: Approximately 6,500Lbs/12,500 Lbs ( 2960kg/5650kg) empty/filled with electrolyte. Facility requirements Customer is responsible for all facility requirements including all site work, placing equipment according to layout provided by PemTec; bring all utilities to the machine Utilities: Electrical: Power requirement data PEMCenter with PEMAqua Power Supply Power input Nominal Amps 9600 A 79 KVA 113 A Transformer output for X kVA, 400 V, 3 phase, 5 wire output (to be provided by customer) Air: 0.6 CFM at 100 PSI Cooling water or Chiller: Cooling capacity at 16 GPM and 110 PSI (max) at 54-61 °F Power Supply Cooling capacity Rating during continuous operation MAX [KW] 9600 A 27,7 kW Room environment: Temperature: Operating temperature: +60 to +95 degrees Fahrenheit (+15 degrees C to +35 degrees C). Optimal precision is dependent on outside thermal influences. Highest accuracy will be achieved within the temperature range of +65 to +72" Fahrenheit (+18"C to + 22"C). Direct sun radiation, heavy air circulation, vibrations from other machines and heat radiation from outside should be avoided. Humidity: Maximum 75% at 68 degrees Fahrenheit (20 degrees C) Foundation requirements: No special machine foundation required. The floor should be cement or similar material and coated to prevent moisture absorption (wood flooring is not acceptable).

Pem 800 Electrochemical Machining Center

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Pem 800 Electrochemical Machining Center
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