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Cylindrical Grinders Including Plain & Angle Head
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Like new condition, barely used. Can be seen under power.

Equipped With

Jib Crane Workhead Dead/Live Switchable,MT5 Foot pedal for Tailstock Wheel spindle Motor Upgrade 20hp Carbide Tipped Dead Center, MT5 for workhead Auto Door w/Dual Cycle Start Robot Loader Interface Type D ABX EIP Prep For Mist 6" Duct Mayfran Paper Mag HPF LP Work Spindle Orientation BY prox Sw I/O Variables Rotary Dresser I/F, Electric Splash Gun Coolant Wheel Flange,35-100mm Coolant for Table Wash W/pump GII Solutions DTS-1300 rotary dresser package GA/GP grinder Includes 10ft. spindle cable 6:00 exit location 20ft. control cable and bulkhead connector 230V control package mounted on 8-7/8” x 14-3/4” panel PN# 1102 mounting bracket “0” deg. Air purge system with connectors 10ft.1/8” airline Marposs P1DWB FT Stand Alone Balancer System

ControlCNC (OSP-P300GA)

Distance Between Centers- 25.59" Swing over Table-12.99" Max Grinding Diameter-7.87" Max Workpiece Weight Center Supported- 110lbs Max Workpiece Weight Chuck Supported LB x IN- 88lbs x 7.87" Wheel: Wheel Size- 24.02" x 10 Width- 4.92" Number of speed ranges- Infinitely Variable Max Grinding Speed FPM- 8858.7 Wheel Head X Axis: Travel- 16.54" Automatic Cutting Speed IPM-0.0000472-236.2 Rapid Traverse FPM-98.4 Min Command Increment Inches-0.000004" Saddle Z Axis: Travel-25.59" Automatic Cutting Speed IPM-0.0000236-236.2 Rapid Traverse FPM-65.6 Min Command Increment Inches-0.000004" Workhead: Tapered Bore: MT No 4, Dead Center Workhead, Dead or Live Headstock MT No 5 Chucking Headstock Speed Min-650 Number of Speed Steps- Infinitely Variable Tailstock: Tapered Bore- MT no. 4 Auto Travel In-1.97"-3.15" Manual Taper Offset- 0.003" Motors: Wheel Spindle HP- 20(30) Workhead HP-3 Wheelhead Feed HP-3 Saddle Feed HP-3 Coolant Pump HP-1.5 Hydraulic Oil Lube Pump HP-2 Wheel Spindle Lube Pump HP-0.1 Slideway Lubricant Pump HP-0.02 Tank Capacity: Coolant Tank gal-79.26 Hydraulic Oil Lube Tank gal-5.28 Wheel Spindle Lube Tank gal-5.28 Slideway Lubricant Tank gal-1.1

2021 Okuma Multus GA26W CNC Cylindrical Grinder, Like new.
Cylindrical Grinders Including Plain & Angle Head