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Swing700 mm
Machining Length2,000 mm
Bar Capacity5 mm
Power70 kW
Max RPM2,500 RPM
Live ToolingYes
Sub SpindleYes
ControlCNC (Seimens 840D)

Basic machine Basic machine CTX gamma 2000 TC turning length 2000 mm (78,74 in.) Main spindle as integrated spindle motor, ISM 102, drive power 33/40 kW (44.2 /53.6 hp) (S1-100%d.c. / S3-40%d.c.), torque 580/700 Nm (427.7/516.2 lb*ft) (S1-100%d.c. / S3-40%d.c.), speed range 0-4000 rpm Partial hollow clamping device (hydraulic), drawtube ID 104 mm (4.09 in) - C-axis and spindle brake (hydr.) Chuck rinsing device for main spindle, outside - Upper compound slide with turning-/ milling spindle with max. 12.000 rpm, 27/36 kW (36.2/48.3 hp) (S1-100%d.c. / S3-40%d.c.-2min), 160/220 Nm (118/162.3 lb*ft) (S1-100%d.c. / S3-40%d.c.-2min) with hydr. locking for turning - Reception HSK-A 63 DIN 69893 Y-axis ±210 mm (±8.26 inch) B-axis ±120º 36-fold disc magazine NC tailstock with quill with integrated bearing, hydraulically operated, fixed center Absolute, direct measuring systems in X-, Y-, Z1-axis - Cooling pump 6 bar (87 psi); 20 l/min (5.28 gal/min), cooling filtration grade 100 μm - Cooling system for spindle motors, motor console, turning-milling spindle, B axis torque motor - CELOS® with Siemens 840D sl Operate and ShopTurn 3G B-A73562* Control CELOS with Siemens 840D sl Operate includes 21,5“ ERGOline® Control with Multi-Touch-Screen B-A70632* Spindle B-B7310 Main spindle as integrated spindle motor ISM 127 - Drive power 40/52 KW (53.6/69.7 hp) (100/40% d.c.) - Torgue 1700/2200 Nm (1253/1622 lbxft) (100/40% d.c.) - Speed max. 2500 rpm Partially hollow clamping device (hydr.) - Inner dia. of draw tube 127 mm (4.99.inch) - C-axis and spindle brake B-E7356 Counter spindle as integrated spindle motor ISM 102 Plus - Drive power 40/52 KW (53.6/69.7 hp) (100/40% d.c.) - Torgue 1700/2200 Nm (1253/1622 lbxft) (100/40% d.c.) - Speed max. 2500 rpm Partial hollow clamping (hydraulic) - Draw tube ID 104 mm (4.09 inch) - C axis and spindle brake (hydraulic) Basic slide (Z3), AC servo Drive with ball screw, absolute measuring system in feed motor Cooling system for motor console and integrated spindle motor Chuck rinsing device, outside Option for spindle B-B7038 Hydraulic hollow clamping attachment Dia. 127 mm (5.0 inch) Pullforce 146,7 kN (32979 lbf) at P max. 45 bar (653 psi), n max. = 3500 min-¹ Additional price B-B0030 Differential pressure clamping pressure for main spindle B-B0030G Differential pressure clamping, for counter spindle Tool spindle B-E7345* Motor spindle and 80-fold chain magazine Capto C8 instead of HSK-A 63 - Spindle speed max. 10.000 rpm - Power 27 kW / 36 kW (36.2 hp / 48.2 hp) (S1-100%d.c. / S3-40%d.c.-2min) - Torque 160 Nm / 220 Nm (118 ft lbs / 162 ft lbs) (S1-100%d.c. / S3-40%d.c.-2min) - Tool magazine, 80-fold chain magazine instead of 36-fold disc magazine Tool Reception Capto C8 - Max. tool dia. 110 mm - Max. tool- Ø 140 mm (with one tool station free on each side) - Max. tool length 550 mm - Max. tool weight 25 kg Options for axes B-C7315 Z1-axis with increased feed force 20 KN (S1/100% d.c.) [4496 lbf (S1/100% d.c.)] and 20 KN (S3/40% d.c.) [4496 lbf (S3/40% d.c.)] rapid traverse max. 30 m/min (98.4 ft/min) for CTX gamma 1250 TC / 2000 TC 40 m/min (131.2 ft/min) for CTX gamma 3000 TC B-C7305 Y1-axis with hydraulic locking Locking force 42 kN (9442 lbf) Tailstock B-D70221 Tailstock function for the counter spindle incl. foot switch. Mechatronic control of the supporting force, selectable per program Feed force: 3 - 20 kN Steady rest B-D7312 Steady rest slide NC controlled - Max. clamping range 460 mm (18.1 in) Incl. energy supply for steady rest B-D7040 Quick change system for steady rest, 2-fold cone centering between steady rest slide and steady rest carrier B-D7037 Steady rest carrier for steady rest, clamping range 125-460 mm (4.9-18.1 in) B-D7007 Steady rest SLU-X 6, self centering, hydraulical actuated, clamping range 125-460 mm (4.92-18.11 inch) (Remark: additional steady rest slide and steady rest carrier required) Coolant supply / Chip removal B-F7004 Hinged typ chip conveyor incl. coolant tank and coolant pump, 6 bar (87 psi)/20 litre/min B-F0160 Compact coolant system 8/20/80 bar with immersion cooler and centrifuge separator consisting of: - Coolant tank 1300 l pump output directly at the pump 8 bar 80 l/min, 20 bar 40 l/min 80 bar 20 l/min programmable via M-functions with coolant supply through turning/milling spindle Band filtration unit, grade of filtration 40 μm - Immersion cooler 4,5 kW - Centrifuge separator 5 μm Suction pump for floating and fine chips with level monitoring on the chip conveyor Removal of plug-type strainer out of chip conveyor B-B0041G Coolant supply through the counter spindle B-H0010 Preparation for oil mist extractor incl. electrical interface Connection diameter: Ø 198 mm (7.79 in) Exceptions: NEF 400, CTX2500, CTV 3rd: Ø 147 mm (5.78 in) B-Z0400 Coolant spray gun B-Z0260 Window cleaning of the security windows of both working area doors by compressed air (Remark: The employment of coolant can limited the view on the workpiece at machining) Measuring / Monitoring B-H7081* Workpiece touch probe TC60, BLUM Dimensions Basic body (excl. stylus length): L= 100 mm (3.9 in), Ø= 63 mm (2.4 in) Interchangeable in turning/milling spindle Sending and receiving unit with probe tip Incl. cycle package Quickstart B-H7060 Tool measuring device, BLUM for fixed and rotating tools in the turning/milling spindle in combination with chain magazine consisting of: - Laser measuring device NT-H 3D for the measuring of rotating tools (drills, milling cutters, reamers etc.), measuring of diameter and length Switching mechanical touch probe TC 76 for the measuring of fixed tools (turning tools, boring bars etc.), detection of the presetting dimensions in X- and Z-direction Intelligent measuring cycles for comfortable and easy measuring, measuring of correction values, compensation of measuring values in the control, checking of form, wear and concentricity B-H72521* Protection Package consisting of: - MPC 1.0 – Macine Protection Control - Easy Tool Monitor 2.0 MPC 1.0 - Machine Protection Control Preventive protection by vibration sensor (SDS) at the spindle: Machine protection by quick shutdown of milling head in less than 0,01 sec Tool breakage monitoring Easy Tool Monitor 2.0 Simplified holistic view of the actual state of the tools in side screen of CELOS* Setting of one monitoring limit for each tool selected from the tool list Easy teaching function to measure monitoring limit, with manual modification / correction of the fixed values Tool fracture and wear monitoring Process analysis and optimization Note: Only available from Siemens Operate 4.7 - *Except CLX 450 TC Automation B-Z0205* Signal lamp, 4-fold, coloured Automatic door, electrical B-H7052 General options Design version „BLACK“ Working area door, front cover beneath Working area door and front pane frame in colour deep black B-Z0830 Package for tropical climate for ambient temperature of max. 50ºC, consisting of cooling system for control cabinet (until 50º) and machine B-Z0076 Package for instable supply consisting of under voltage circuit-breaker and Z-axis / Z-axes feed motor (s) with brake (s) B-Z7050 Frequency 60 Hz B-Z0100 Measure Measure inch B-Z0111 Options for Siemens control with CELOS / Siemens Excentric turning and milling operation (only with Siemens control and Y-axis) B-A0326* crownHobbing Technology cycle with dialog-guided programming for the production of hirth gearing by the method of impact tooth milling. This option contains the technology cycle with the corresponding input mask. B-A0327* Tooth system milling via gear hobbing (only with Siemens control) B-A0328* 5-axis simultaneous machining (only with Siemens control) B-A0329* Turning-recessing cycle Manufacture of simple sealing Surfaces and grooves using turn/mill centers B-A0330 Complete machining of shaft components without process interruptions on turning machines with counter spindle TC: Cycle for automatic exchange of a spindle tip into the counter spindle and back into the tool magazine Turret: Cycle for automatic exchange of a spindle tip into the counter spindle and back into the turret Note: the spindle tip is not included in the delivery content - Additionally required "Tailstock function for counter spindle" B-A0333 Technology cycle for the application of an alternating speed for vibration sensitive set-ups (Only in conjunction with Siemens control) B-A0335* Polygon Turning for machining of elliptic and polygonal shapes on end faces B-A0337 Multi-thread cycle 2.0 Cycle to create position orientated threads with free contours, pitches and free number of threads, e.g. for big transmission or special threads. Targeted overlapping of threads with cross-holes, e.g. redirection systems with ball screw nuts are possible. (Available with Siemens Operate starting with version 4.5) B-A0347* With the program state control of the part state is retained on the control and / or influenced. Particularly suitable for multi-channel machines. B-A0342* Order of the tools in the chain magazine according to the respective call in editing program. Time-optimized sort in chain magazine by using the shuttle instead of the spindle. No relocation of multitools and disc magazine. B-A0345 Technology cycle for machining of straight, helical or convex (convex only for external gears) internal or external gears with conical shaped skiving tools up to module 4 (CTX gamma TC) module 2 (CTX beta TC / TC 4A) module 1 (CTV DF) This option contains the technology cycles with the corresponding input masks. A statement about feasibility for certain workpieces can only be done with the respective tools and a collision analysis. These activities are not part of this option. This will be offered as a service option. Note: At the CTV250 DF are convex gears not possible. B-A0348 Technology cycle with dialog-guided programming for the production of any keyways according to DIN6885 or driving grooves according to DIN138 with standard tools. This option contains the technology cycle with the corresponding input mask. B-A0349* 3D quickSET for turn-mill machines - Toolkit (consisting of magnetic foot holder with measuring ball and dial gauge) for review and correction of the kinematic accuracy of conventional turning and 5-axis simultaneous machining - Requires 5-axis simultaneous machining the state of the machine is detected, the machine parameters are pre-set in the factory Only in combination with measuring probe and min. Siemens Operate 4.7 Note: Measuring probe not included B-A0355 Application Tuning Cycle ATC Demand-oriented adjustment of axis dynamics for machining tasks: accuracy (contour accuracy) / surface (smoothing) / speed (high dynamics) Beneficial for turning-milling operations (2+1 / 3+2 / 5-axis simultaneous), Siemens Operate 4.7 B-A0360 Reduced price, selection of ATC and 5-axis simultaneous machining B-A0360M Grinding Machine preparation for grinding consisting of: cycles for cylindrical grinding (outside and inside), cone grinding (outside and inside) and plane grinding (front side) cycles for dressing the grinding wheels - Dressing unit (2 pieces) on the main or counter spindle for vertical and horizontal dressing Rinse curtain on the rear wall in the machine interior for rinsing the telescopic steel plates Note: Max. grinding wheel size depends on the tool magazine of the respective machine Attention: The dressing unit is integrated in the chuck. The chuck needs to be prepared for the dressing unit. (special chucks on request) Recommendation: For grinding special sealed clamping chucks are recommended. B-E75101 Acoustic emission sensor at the main spindle Quick positioning at the dressing unit and workpiece without optical checking No additional wear during the dressing operation Automatic Tool compensation after dressing the grinding tool Attention: There is A reduction of the working area by 32 mm (1.25 in) in Z1 caused by the flange for the acoustic emission sensor the functionality of the acoustic emission sensor is not given at shaft chucks for firing on the workpiece B-H0100

NEW DMG MORI CTX GAMMA 2000 MILL TURN, 0 Hours, Never used.

Texas, United States
NEW DMG MORI CTX GAMMA 2000 MILL TURN, 0 Hours, Never used.
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